Ransburg’s 4th of July

The week of July 2-8 was a special experience for scouts. Scouts at camp had the chance to experience the festivities and celebrations of Independence Day at Ransburg! July 4th was filled with wonderful sights. All areas of camp were decorated with red, white and blue as far as the eye could see to celebrate… Continue reading Ransburg’s 4th of July


Working at Camp K

For years, my friends have been telling me that when I was old enough, I had to come and work at Camp Kikthawenund. I always thought that giving up your entire summer to work was ridiculous, but despite my doubts I had to give it a try. My first week of camp staff, I met… Continue reading Working at Camp K

From Taiwan to Camp Krietenstein

This summer Camp Krietenstein was very fortunate to have hosted Po-Chun, an international Scout from Taiwan. Below are Po-Chun's thoughts and favorite memories from his time at camp this summer.     To camp Krietenstein: I am so glad that I was sent to camp Krietenstein. The people, food and campground are amazing. I will never forget what… Continue reading From Taiwan to Camp Krietenstein